United Grand Lodge of England

Langport Lodge no. 8072

(consecrated at Eastbourne Town Hall, 22 January 1966)

Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex

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Langport Lodge no. 8072 is a Regular Masonic Lodge of Freemasons in the Province of Sussex under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England.

An Introduction to a Very Special lodge set up for Masonic Study:
All Freemasons on entry are recommended to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge, and it was with this in mind that a group of enthusiastic masons from the Eastbourne area formed this Lodge, sponsored by Tyrian Lodge no. 1110, and based on a similar idea in the Hastings area with the Lodge of the White Rock no. 7891.

Our new Lodge was to have few initiates, but would consist mainly of experienced masons who wished to widen their understanding of the Craft, and encourage this in others by way of talks, demonstrations and other means, thus sharing their accumulated and varied knowledge to the great satisfaction of all who have participated.

This has resulted in attracting experienced brethren, some holding high office in many other Lodges in the Province and elsewhere, including other Provinces and overseas, from a wide range of backgrounds, and those retiring to the Sussex Coast.

These members have been able to pass on their unique insights and experience, and have attracted a succession of very distinguished visitors, including many Prestonian lecturers, even a non-mason academic, joining with our members and their guests to provide a rich tapestry of outstanding meetings and exceptional musical events, which delve well beyond the traditional ceremonies of Craft masonry to talks and demonstrations on many varied subjects of real interest, in line with the original spirit of the undoubted phenomenon which is worldwide Masonry.

Although not obligatory our members are given an opportunity to contribute, and write and give talks themselves should they wish. We also administer the Masonic Centre Library.

Although we are essentially a Study Lodge we support local non-masonic and Provincial charities and Masonic Festivals, and generally fulfil our wider Masonic obligations.

We are a small and very friendly Lodge and welcome applications from potential Candidates or Joining Members looking for something a little different, and interested in the history and development of the Craft, to share our enjoyment and enthusiasm.